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Jesica Giannola

for Chico City Council 2022 - District 6

Better accountability,

more housing, &

increased fire safety!


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For a healthier and safer community!


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Jesica's Message
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  • More Affordable Housing
  • Smart Development
  • Community Safety
  • Fire Prevention
  • Opposes Sprawling Development; Valley's Edge

Our city council is broken, and Chico has been heading in the wrong direction under disconnected representation for years now. It's time that we refocus our energy back onto the needs of the city and residents. Fiscal mismanagement of our hard-earned tax dollars has resulted in numerous payouts from lost lawsuits brought on as a result of poor direction from an out of touch council majority, money desperately needed for road, fire prevention, and low-income housing. 

I intend on taking steps to increase affordable housing opportunities that will allow our seniors with fixed incomes, city employees, nurses, teachers, families, and emergency responders to live in the city that they work and shop in. 

I take fire risk seriously and Chico recently released a fire risk map that identified much of District 6 as the highest risk of wild fire dangers in our city. I strongly oppose the Valley's Edge development as it is not what Chico needs and would be built in the direct path of fire where we have historically set backfires to protect Chico neighborhoods from igniting. I will support our fire department and we need them ready to respond to wildfire risks in order to protect the citizens, homes, and businesses of Chico. 


September 21, 2022

Interview with Jesica on KZFR's The Real Issue

Listen in to Jesica's 09/21/2022 interview with Sue Hilderband 

Jesica goes over more important points on why she's running for Chico City Council's District 6 and how she feels that she has the skills and knowledge to help Chico improve quality of life and circumstances.  

July 27, 2022

Interview with Jesica on KZFR's The Real Issue

Listen in to Jesica's 07/27/2022 interview with KZFR 90.1's Diane Suzuki on The Real Issue as she goes over some important points on why she's running for Chico City Council's District 6. Jesica's interview is approximately 32.13 minutes into the airing. 

July 12, 2022

Concerns Along Chico's Eastern Border

Jesica supports the people of California Park neighborhood in their efforts to Say No to the proposed Hotel at the corner of Bruce Rd and Sierra Sunrise Terrace. 

Jesica opposes the proposed Valley's Edge Development as it puts Chico neighborhoods in the direct path of fire in the event of a wildfire reaching our foothills. We need council members dedicated to housing that will serve the people of Chico and not satisfy the demands of developers that put them in office. Valley's edge is huge, sprawling, and with an HOA design regular Chico citizens will be shut out of the green spaces developed. 

The design of both the Hotel in Calpark and the Valley's Edge development do not support the City's General Plan and the added traffic will destroy our roads further, congest our streets in the event of a fire, risking lives and replicating the tragic scene that unfolded for Camp fire survivors that lived on the Ridge. 

July 12, 2022
Jesica Giannola identifies affordable housing a key issue in council race


The housing crises reaches across the nation and is felt no harder than right here in Chico after the 2018 Camp fire disaster destroyed thousands of homes, just a month after Chico declared a shelter crisis.


As little as 1-3% of Chico's actual housing development over the last few decades have been for low-income housing.

Similar is seen across the United States and as a result homelessness has risen to alarming numbers and has become a politically dividing topic.

As public spaces and parks become a landing spot for those without a home, rather than invest in developing supporting sheltering options, conservative policies opt to make life as difficult as possible for those unhoused in hopes of them leaving the area for one less hostile.

It is our duty as a city to ensure that adequate affordable housing is available in a community with low-income families and those on fixed incomes unable to affordable skyrocketing rents and high income requirements. 

Vote for Jesica, someone dedicated to bring answers to Chico.

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